Van điện tử SMC 3 cổng VQ100

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3 Port Solenoid Valve Series VQ100


van dien tu smc vq100


Outstandingly high speed, stable response, and long service life.


ON: 3.5 ms, OFF: 2 ms, Dispension accuracy 1 ms (With light/surge voltage suppressor; supply pressure 0.5 MPa) 200 million cycles or more (Factors determined in a life test by SMC)


Compact yet provides a large flow capacity


Body width: 9.8 mm

C: 0.055 dm3/(s·bar)(Standard, high pressure type)

C: 0.14 dm3/(s·bar) (Large flow type)

: Option





External non-leak


Negative COM


Normally open



How to Order Valves


van dien tu smc vq100




van dien tu 3 cong smc vq100


Component Parts


No. Description Material

Solenoid coil




3 Fixed iron core Stainless steel
4 Movable iron core assembly Stainless steel, Resin
5 Return spring Stainless steel
6 Poppet NBR
7 Round head combination screw Carbon steel
8 Interface gasket NBR



Replacement Parts


No. Description Material Part no.
9 Sub-plate ZDC AXT662-1-12   (1: M5, 2: M3)

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